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Blank Children's Hospital

Blank Children's Hospital

Blank Children's Hospital is completely dedicated to meeting the unique health care needs of children. Blank Children's is an 108-bed environment that embraces and encourages families to be a part of their child's healing and recovery. Everything from equipment to décor is designed specifically for children.

Committed to Family-Centered Healing, Caring and Teaching

At Blank Children's Hospital, we embrace a family-centered care philosophy where families are recognized as the most important part of a child's healing process and are encouraged to be actively involved in patient care as the constant in children's lives.

Our care philosophy has shown that children:

  • Are less anxious

  • Need less medication

  • Recover faster

A Hospital Uniquely for Children

Blank Children's Hospital was completely renovated in 2001 and expanded to fit the unique health care needs of children, to enable pediatric specialists to deliver 21st-century medicine, and to provide comfort and peace for families. From spending the night in their child's room to family space and play areas, Blank Children's Hospital is full of amenities to make family involvement easy and comfortable.

Key features:

  • Medical equipment just the right size for kids.

  • Décor that's designed to be soothing to children and families.

  • Private, spacious inpatient rooms, which comfortably accommodate overnight stays by a family member.

  • Variety Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery - one of the first Level IIIB neonatal intensive care units anywhere to offer private rooms, enabling neonatal specialists to maximize newborns' growth and development potential while giving families the amenities necessary to stay and bond with their child.

  • Pediatric intensive care unit featuring the latest in pediatric critical care technology and treatment .

  • Private conference rooms - where families can meet with staff and make important decisions.

  • Comfortable lounges on every floor.

  • Play areas for patients and siblings on every floor.

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