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Knox Blocks Foundation

Knox Blocks Foundation


"Our Mission is simple. We want families in need to have a little extra peace of mind in honor of our son Knox. We raise money through donations to purchase Owlet Smart Socks. The Owlet Smart Sock is worn by infants to track their oxygen level and heart rate. Parents are alerted if the levels fall outside of range. We believe every infant should have an Owlet Smart Sock and we are determined to provide them to as many families as we can." -Knox Blocks Foundation

Supported by Owlet

We understand how expensive having a baby is and we know not everyone is in a financial position to purchase an Owlet Smart Sock. We want to help those who cannot afford to buy an Owlet because we feel that every baby deserves one. Owlet is matching the Knox Blocks Foundation dollar-for-dollar. Because of their incredible generosity we are able to reach twice as many families! 

"Owlet has agreed to match the Knox Blocks Foundation dollar-for-dollar.” 

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